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emily: I haven't seen Josh so that one flew over my head. ;) Jun 29, 2015 21:23:00 GMT
dancelover: At least no one caught my error in all this time Jun 29, 2015 20:06:46 GMT
dancelover: Just learned: in Josh 2000 SRK & Aish played siblings, not a jodi Jun 29, 2015 20:06:07 GMT
odadune: late hours and sporadic internet access lately :( Jun 24, 2015 1:31:15 GMT
emily: Just saw the thread you posted...will definitely check out some of those resources! Jun 17, 2015 2:41:08 GMT
James: Very cool that you're learning Hindi, Emily! If you do have any questions, don't hesitate to visit the Language Corner, even if just to chat in the Bol-Chaal section. ;) Jun 17, 2015 0:16:47 GMT
emily: Yep, Rosetta Stone Hindi! Working like a charm thus far. IMDb is a wonderful resource for browsing through actors/films there. Jun 16, 2015 14:39:28 GMT
dancelover: Discovered Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - it helped with Garikapati Varalakshmi Jun 15, 2015 19:24:16 GMT
dancelover: Rosetta Stone Hindi, Emily? TY! Jun 15, 2015 19:22:04 GMT
emily: FWIW, I've never used a language learning software that wasn't far as pronunciation and writing goes, RS is worth every penny. Jun 14, 2015 4:28:48 GMT
emily: bahut shukriya! Jun 14, 2015 4:27:47 GMT
odadune: bravo, emily! Jun 14, 2015 0:10:55 GMT
emily: Namaste BollyWhat folk :) Just bought Rosetta Stone's nice to get the grammatical rules down besides all the vocab I've already learned from films! Jun 11, 2015 23:58:05 GMT
dancelover: I have completed all jodis & other relationships I can with Rajinikanth! Jun 5, 2015 20:36:53 GMT
dancelover: just found I'd left out some Padmini Kolhapure films. Added them. May 29, 2015 18:40:16 GMT
odadune: been prepping for a trip; will probably be out of touch for a week or so. :) May 26, 2015 1:14:55 GMT
odadune: Jazbaa poster is out-check its thread :) May 20, 2015 9:44:56 GMT
dancelover: See also Anjali Devi. Those Southern ladies were awesome! May 7, 2015 21:43:30 GMT
dancelover: Bhanumathi 1925-2005 was awesome, an 8-way threat! She wrote produced directed acted sang etc all while married! May 7, 2015 21:41:52 GMT
odadune: only going to be around on weekends and evenings for the most part, as of now-can't access the site on workbreaks anymore. :( May 2, 2015 20:24:46 GMT