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leaf: Sup, Odadune! I still read the board regularly but as I only have Internet access at work, I can't really reply. Hope everyone is doing well! Apr 20, 2014 9:04:32 GMT
odadune: *waves at leaf* Apr 19, 2014 0:47:57 GMT
leaf: Guys, if anyone is in touch with Los Angeles from the old board, please let her know I've been trying to email her but the mails keep bouncing back. Apr 18, 2014 4:47:45 GMT
dancelover: I am trying to remember to use the "like" button more often - Dancelover Apr 16, 2014 17:35:10 GMT
odadune: tank you, NewLaura; brought over the Talaash spoiler thread. Apr 14, 2014 12:02:51 GMT
NewLaura: Thanks, odadune -- and thanks for editing it. Your cleaned up and edited version is MUCH easier to read than the ones I did. Apr 9, 2014 22:42:10 GMT *
odadune: might do more tomorrow or later in the week, we'll see. Apr 9, 2014 1:14:44 GMT
odadune: brought over the most important (IMO) chunks of the original Eega thread. Apr 9, 2014 1:10:36 GMT
NewLaura: For other threads, you have to navigate to each page, one by one, and copy/paste. Apr 8, 2014 22:05:14 GMT
NewLaura: For some of the threads, you can click the "print" button, and it will dump the entire thread into a text file that you can think copy/paste into a thread here. Apr 8, 2014 22:04:54 GMT
NewLaura: Some of the threads are there (but not all of the threads, and the ones that are there don't necessarily have all of the pages, unfortunately) Apr 8, 2014 22:04:18 GMT
NewLaura: Apr 8, 2014 22:03:04 GMT
NewLaura: Odadune: I just grabbed a few random threads when I was trying to figure out what we could do to save some of them from a web archive. If anyone has the time, you could try going to this link: Apr 8, 2014 22:02:59 GMT
odadune: NewLaura: Thanks for bringing over some of the "classic" threads! Apr 6, 2014 13:27:25 GMT
dancelover: Links to OldForum not working today for Madhu or me. Dancelover Feb 25, 2014 19:08:03 GMT
odadune: okay, used spoiler tags to reduce the "wall o' text" effect on some of my recent posts. Feb 21, 2014 18:15:01 GMT
odadune: prahajess: hi! Feb 11, 2014 2:52:09 GMT
prahajess: ((wave)) Hope you're all doing well! Feb 9, 2014 7:20:43 GMT
odadune: yay that you managed to get it to work right, corbie! Jan 24, 2014 17:50:57 GMT
corbie: Once the right cables are gotten, is awesome. If you are learning how computers work, don't trust Best Buy to sell the right cables, take computer in, make them hook up and prove the cables are the correct ones after selling wrong ones twice. Jan 23, 2014 5:39:11 GMT