Sonam Kapoor


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dancelover: I now have 5 of the 6, but The Kapoors is missing pages 327 through 350. :( Sept 21, 2018 17:28:57 GMT
dancelover: Ordered 6 books from Amazon-linked stores. Dilip Kumar's autobiography arrived. Using it to x-check my records on him. Sept 18, 2018 20:04:56 GMT
dancelover: Done Sukumari; now working K. R. Vijaya Sept 11, 2018 20:48:59 GMT
dancelover: Finally completed Lists for Sukumari. Still must cross-reference. Aug 22, 2018 14:43:14 GMT
dancelover: While still working Sukumari's lists, I have added several Malayalam writers and lyricists, and filled in much data for others. Jul 16, 2018 13:59:04 GMT
dancelover: Still doing Sukumari; took time to add Malayalam writer Muttathu Varkey. May 22, 2018 15:22:01 GMT
dancelover: Finished Girija; now working Sukumari (Malayalam actress). Mar 26, 2018 15:12:18 GMT
dancelover: Now working Girija, a Telugu actress. Mar 9, 2018 21:53:14 GMT
dancelover: Mona went on to be a Producer of TV. Sridevi worked for her at least once. IMO, Sri was indeed a Great Artist, and Mona was even Greater! Feb 25, 2018 16:03:19 GMT
dancelover: It was Mona's great artistry, in moving with her 2 kids into father-in-law Surinder's home, that ensured her kids would know Sri's kids as their siblings! Feb 25, 2018 16:01:17 GMT
dancelover: Now Sri has died while her oldest, Jhansi, is shooting for her debut. Will Arjun comfort Jhansi, and Khushie? Feb 25, 2018 15:58:21 GMT
dancelover: I think of Boney's 1st wife, Mona Shourie, who died 6 years ago at only 48, just before her son Arjun made his film debut. Feb 25, 2018 15:55:15 GMT
bollylarki: Sridevi has died of a massive heart attack in Dubai. She was 54. May she Rest in Peace. Feb 25, 2018 1:13:57 GMT
dancelover: Finally finishing Prem Nazir, after about ten weeks. Feb 8, 2018 20:32:22 GMT
dancelover: Box Office India: Padmavaat earned 18 crore Thursday, 32 more Friday, total 50 so far. Jan 26, 2018 20:43:58 GMT
dancelover: Secret Superstar, in China, has earned 100 crore in 2 days! It grossed 81 in India in its entire run. Jan 20, 2018 15:47:31 GMT
dancelover: Today Saturday 1/10/18, Wikipedia's Featured Article is about Hrithik Roshan! Jan 10, 2018 17:27:03 GMT
dancelover: IMDb's List of Stars We Remember Who Died In 2017 includes Om Puri & Shashi Kapoor in their top 21. Jan 1, 2018 18:30:28 GMT
dancelover: Happy New Year to all reading! Dec 31, 2017 21:05:29 GMT